Atheists and Agnostics Compendium

Interviews are reconstuctions using the words wherever possible from the writings of the person involved. On average about 90% of the words attributed to the subject of the interview are his own.

The 17th century philosopher of reason who questioned the validity of the Bible and denied the existence of a personal God.

The Revolutionary War thinker whose essays strengthed the the resolve of the rebellion and saved the infant nation. A fierce critic of established religion.

The author of "On the Origin of Spieces" who replaced God with a scientific explanation of how living things fit into the natural world.

The famous phychoanalyist who likened religious belief to infantile relieance on a father figure. His book on religion was "The Future of an Illusion."

The 20th century British philosopher and pacifist. A life-long critic of religion, this 'interview' uses the words from his essay "Why I am not a Christian."

E. O. Wilson is the Harvard professor who estabished the field of sociobiology which studies how animal behavior (including human) is influenced by inherited genes.

Edman was the head of Columbia University's department of philosophy. His book "Four Ways of Philosophy" contains an analysis of philosophical naturalism which describes an atheistic world view.

Bruno was a martyr to the cause of free thought. Imbued with the ideas of Copernicus he fought the church for a new view of the universe.

D'Holbach challenged religion as an imprisonment of the mind of man and advanced atheism as the way to freedom.