Atheists and Agnostics Compendium

Some Positive Aspects of Atheism and Agnosticism

1. Atheism and agnosticism embrace human reason and its capacity to understand the natural world. They are person centered and promote humanism.

2. Atheism and agnosticism posit that this world of experienced objects and events is real and is the only one.

3. Atheism and agnosticism assert that the universe is governed by consistent natural laws without exception. They promote the scientific worldview.

4. Atheism and agnosticism express a rational morality:
a. They recognize that morality is a function of the social interactions of people. A rational person can better determine what relationships are to be valued and what modes of behavior are preferable than adherence to the dictates of ancient authoritarian commandments can.
b. Rational morality is strengthening and liberating. It is behavior not based on fear of punishment or hope of reward. It allows for redefining with time and circumstance. It provides for the inclusion rather than the exclusion of diversity.
c. Rational morality recognizes its origin in natural empathic feelings and its manifestation in the logical notion of reciprocity. (Do unto others....)
d. Rational morality promotes personal responsibility.

5. Atheism and agnosticism helped to develop and maintain the core values of modern civilization. Ideals such as human freedom of action, equality, tolerance, and the value of independent thought are the outcomes of the liberation from the domination by authority.

6. Atheism and agnosticism are skeptical of unsubstantiated statements and they encourage an inquisitive mind.