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An object is almost never in simply light and shade. Your job is to draw. If you buy original or print please contact me by email: You should at least place a hint of a line at important high and low points along the perimeter of an object and where one important subform crosses another. Van Gogh made some of his own rudimentary yet effective pens out of common reeds and feathers. He used a highly calligraphic hatching stroke in many of his paintings, while ironically, in many of his drawings, he frequently emulated the textural aspects of brushstrokes. Gently run lines parallel to one another, layering them closer and closer until they almost seem to disappear.

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Each bump suggests some bone or muscle.

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An object is almost never in simply light and shade. Today, we also have a wide variety of fountain pens and even fountain brushes to take some of the torment out of the process. Throughout the drawing process, your line quality is dramatically influenced by your choice of materials, the texture of the paper, your drawing instruments, their sharpness, and the way you hold them in your hand. On its own, line is a very powerful force. Like many other painters, I often use lines as an expressive outlet or as a way to imply forms overlapping just as I do in my drawings.

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