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The picture was taken at something called the Sambadromewhich perfectly combines the glamour and terrifying apocalyptic terror on display, and which we have to assume the dancers misheard as "The Samba Dome" when agreeing to the gig. Well, it turns out that tradition goes back a long way. But of course not! They're usually scavengers, but do sometimes hunt slow-moving creatures, and much like horrible, alien, insectile guinea pigs, they're known to eat so much in one meal that they become bloated and unable to move. Enjoy these pictures of wasted chicks, and be glad you're not the one that's going to need a gallon of Powerade and a bottle of aspirin to pay for all your drunken exploits tomorrow as your panic-check your phone every seven minutes terrified of being tagged in career-endingly sloppy drunk photos on Facebook. He said patients often came in complaining of a headache but that a simple heel-to-toe test revealed that they had developed a backwards curve in the neck having spent hours hunched over electronic devices. That's the smile of a boy who will never, ever be fucked with again.

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Your average earthworm is about as threatening as cooked spaghetti, and they basically exist as either bait or the official courting gift of 8-year-old boys who don't know how to like girls yet.

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This picture looks like a composite of a mountain lake and a mountain on Mars. No, that's not a taffy floor painted to look like wood grain, and it's not the work of one man and a chisel. There is also video of the incidentwhich we understand is a traditional Russian debate technique. This billboard from Indonesia is a creative effort by the Formula Toothcare company to illustrate the fact that their toothpaste builds strong teeth, though there's a special bonus message for very young children: This is the equivalent of buying novelty hillbilly teeth and wearing them all the time for no reason. Add me to the daily newsletter.

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