Phylogenetic systematics and molecular dating

Although this would necessitate a reevaluation of potential environmental drivers Urban et al. More recently, Hall et al. However, they were not compatible with putative Oryzeae phytoliths at 67 Ma, as the crown of the BEP clade the group containing Oryzeae was estimated at Isotopic evidence of C 4 grasses in southwestern Europe during the early Oligocene-middle Miocene. Standard classifications divided the angiosperms into two large groups, typically recognized at the Linnean rank of class:

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A phylogenetic analysis typically consists of five major steps.

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Our approach removes such sequences and is consequently conservative. In the absence of an exceptionally good fossil record, divergence times must be inferred from genetic markers. Highly unequal rates of base substitution may cause difficulties e. In addition, MP analysis provides diagnoses i. New insights into this problem might be gained from analyses of markers from different genomes that consider fossil evidence within Poaceae as well as in distant lineages. Nevertheless, it is possible to integrate the phytolith fossils as a calibration point and obtain dates that are compatible with our current knowledge of the ages of other major angiosperm lineages; the putative Oryzeae phytoliths merely imply lower rates of molecular evolution in BEP-PACMAD grasses and higher rates in other graminids Fig.

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phylogenetic systematics and molecular dating
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phylogenetic systematics and molecular dating
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