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After Canti the robot floats into the sky filled with Rays from Heavenhe assumes a kneeling position with his hands clasped in prayer. The most powerful weapons in the universe? Guess what Canti's gun uses as ammo? Though Naota cost her her best possible chance of capturing and consuming Atomskshe still got arguably the most powerful "axe" in the Universe as consolation, and is free to keep pursuing her target. In episode 1 "Fooly Cooly", when Haruko attacks Naota insde the hospital, the building starts moving around and finally jumps into the air and falls back to the ground. Like FLCL was clearly dirty before but this is next level. Serial Escalation How weird and surreal can this episode be?

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The live action moped in the end credits.

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'FLCL Progressive' Had One Super NSFW Scene

It really irritates Naota, and ends up being a major plot point as it leads him to try to act older than he is. Haruko for Naota because he did have feelings for Mamimi at first. As the YA sci-fi and fantasy genres become more and more of a driving force in pop culture, FLCL is worth revisiting again for what it says about some of those same themes. He wrote a whole book on the deep mysteries of Eva. She then proceeds to have it eat the vehicles of everyone who has bullied her, feeding it and letting it grow to be enormous. This whole "showing porn to students thing" and the reactions I'm seeing on my timeline is funny. That, in turn releases the Pirate King and he saves the world.

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fooly cooly sexy scene
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fooly cooly sexy scene
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  1. so sexy but that was just down right boring....until you really get behind it tho lmao